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Featherweight Boatbuilding

Featherweight Boatbuilding



"Mac" McCarthy

It is Mac’s mission to open your eyes to the natural beauty around you. He does so by providing this course to create and use an ideal double-paddle canoe. Table of Contents: Getting Started Stripping and Sanding the Hull A State of Grace Epoxy Work TimeOut : Afloat in an Emerald Finishing Off the Interior Varnishing Time Out: A Forest to Paddle Through Making a Double Paddle Using the Wee Lassie Time Out: From the Wilderness to Civilization Thoughts on Strength and Weight What Do I Do When….? Time Out: “Did You Build That?” 96 pp., softcover 9 x 11” Please note… the building board length show in the book has a wrong dimension… it doesn’t actually matter what that length is. The important numbers are the mold-spacing numbers… which are correct.

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