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Grand Lake Canoe + Paddle

Restoration, repair, and new construction of classic wooden grand lakers. 20’ square stern cedar rib and plank canoes. I also make ash paddles, and on request custom paddles any style, from any species you would like.

Georges River Canoe

I provide quality restoration/repair of traditional wood/canvas canoes and build new custom canoes.

I build new wood/canvas canoes from 12 to 18 feet including 13, 16 and 18 foot canoes on the forms of the late Burt Libby (Burt's Canoes). I also build a replicas of a 16 foot Old Town® square stern and a 16 foot White Canoe Company Penobscot River salmon wherry double ended rowboat.

Canoes bought and sold. Restored and new canoes available for sale.

Fritz Orr Canoe

Facebook: Fritz Orr Canoe Paddles


Select appalachian and tropical hardwoods are laminated together to complement their physical characteristics of strength, weight, flexibility and natural beauty. An elliptical shaped shaft incorporates a sculpted hollowed core laminated between hardwood bands that traverses the paddle’s length, as the core tapers through the blade and at the neck below the “T”- grip. The wood’s grain is book-matched in each blade and curved blades are steamed to capture their shape. A laminated grip is carved to a final fit for one’s control hand.

Fritz’s curved blade is a less aggressive design than a kayak curved blade placed on a canoe paddle. His curved blade secures a solid purchase during the catch and avoids lifting water through the stroke. Attention to detail is given to sculpting the dihedral and its transition across the blade’s wings. Fritz offers the following blades: straight, curved, bent, and bent with a curve.

The foundation for his paddle designs are built upon the wooden paddles he crafted and used through his racing career. His wildwater C-1 training logged 400 plus flatwater hours and 180 whitewater days annually in preparation for Team Trails then the World Cup and the World Championships.

Wood Epoxy Composite Construction

An epoxy dynel tip is placed on each blade, then the blade is encapsulated in an epoxy s-glass composite and the paddle is finished with several coats of West Systems. Whitewater paddles have an epoxy dynel edging and a dynel shelve plus the Selway has a carbon fiber power-face. Historical paddles are finished with an epoxy s-glass composite then dipped in a traditional marine spar varnish.


Craftsmanship is a journey with an inspiration to improve. Fritz employes fine woodworking hand tools to sculpt each paddle. The stock is milled to dimension, individual parts are glued together, then carved to the final shape. The commitment to hand crafting wooden paddles has lead to designing and making his own wooden planes, custom scrapers and spoke shaves.


Stewardship begins by hand selecting mature timber from sustainable managed forests.
Close attention and thought is given to each board, its grain pattern to determine the best use for artistic and performance qualities. Accurate milling through the hand sculpting process contributes to more wood going into paddles and less sawdust on the floor. Zero waste is Fritz’s leadership approach to stewardship of our natural resources.

Fletcher Canoes

Builders of 17 1/2’ “Bill Mason ‘Heavy Duty Special’ ” and 15’ “Fletcher’s Fancy.” Both canoes are of red or white cedar and canvas with cherry, maple, ash or oak for the hardwoods. Features include hand-caned seats and carrying capacity of 900lbs. and 600 lbs. respectively. Both are wilderness trippers, the smaller one’s weight of 55lbs. making it an excellent solo canoe. We also supply rebuilding materials or rebuild for you in our workshop.

Fiddlehead Canoes

Feather Canoes

Classic cedar strip solos - the speciality of Henry “Mac” McCarthy, his favorite a 10’6”, 20 pound solo designed for use with a double paddle, named the Wee Lassie. We offer full size patterns of this sweet, fast, responsive solo, as well as patterns for Mac’s Wee Lassie 2, a 13’ 6” 30-pounder, the BIG Mac, and a Feather Canoe version of the Sairy Gamp. Mac’s book Featherweight Boatbuilding is also available for purchase, including autographed copies. Visit us at, where we’re keeping Mac’s dream alive.

Duffy Canoes

Building wood / dacron 16 foot long canoes.

Douglas Fowler, Sailmaker

Quality fully designed canoe sails a specialty. Extremely knowledgeable concerning any antique sailing canoe and its rigging. Sails only - no spars or hardware. Sailmaking since 1972. Will supply information concerning the restoration of antique decked sailing canoes.

Dented Esker Creations

As an outdoorsman, I am fond of spending time on the water- floating quietly along familiar shores or exploring those new to me. My favorite excursions have found me on the proper side of a wood and canvas canoe, with little to worry about other than the mosquitos on shore. These vessels near perfection, and early on in my boating career, I decided to have one for myself. For years I searched for the right project, as I thought it more romantic to fix up an old canoe and give it and myself some new life in the process- none came along.
In the summer of 2002 my quest led me to an unusually derelict wood and canvas dinghy, and I could not turn away. The sculptural qualities of this craft were magnetic-even better than those of the canoe I desired, and I could not think of a better shape to explore the mysteries of wood-bending with. It was art, but it needed work. Despite my hopes for an easy lesson, the ensuing months proved to me that the most important studies do not come without effort, and I paid dearly.

Coos Canoe and Snowshoe

At this time I am making only Birch bark canoes, both full size and models. I also make canoe accessories such as folding seats and replacement seats with woven rawhide, paddles, and repair seats using rawhide or cane. In addition to these things I also make traditional snowshoes and wood and rawhide furniture.

Chocorua Boatworks

We build traditional all-wood lapstrake small craft, with a focus on Rushton-type double-paddle and sailing canoes and Adirondack guideboats. We have hundreds of boat plans to select from and all boats are built to order. We custom make single and double paddles, oars and canoe sail rigs. We instruct courses in building lapstrake canoes, Adirondack guide boats, lofting, paddle and oar making. Some materials are available.

Cane & Canvas

Repairs and Restorations of Wood-Canvas canoes and Bamboo (cane) fly rods. Full woodworking shop.
Chair Caning.

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