Wooden Canoe Journal

The BRAND NEW format has just been launched!!!

Wooden Canoe, the journal of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association, is one of the primary benefits of membership in the WCHA. 

Wooden Canoe is published four times each year, and each 32-page issue is packed with articles about canoe building and restoration, canoe tripping and wildnerness skills, stories about the history and romance of the wooden canoe, news about the WCHA and its Chapters, classified ads, and much, much more. And its all in full color!

Scroll down to check out an exerpt from the current issue!

"We researched the area we wanted to explore, got maps of the large LaVerendrye Wildlife Preserve, put in at the north edge of this 5,000-square-mile wilderness area, and headed south. We went up big rivers, across lakes large and small, and up little rivers until our way was blocked by the frequent beaver dams. Ray was a more practiced canoeist than I, but we both learned by experience the things wilderness travelers soon know. For instance, if you are camping on a sand beach, don’t ever step across the area where you are cooking food, or soon every bite you take will be gritty. We fished, struggled upwind in the rain, drifted lazily downstream in the sunshine, crept up close to see moose, and played with the local loon, trying to outguess where he would surface next."

Wooden Canoe Spring 2020 Issue


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