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Please submit your ad using the following instructions.
(Ads can take at least 72 hours to be published)

Your first step should be to review the information on protecting yourself from online scams. Scammers are more active than ever. Make sure you know how to recognize this type of activity. Please see links below on the subject.

As a WCHA member your listing is free. 
If you are not a member you can still place an ad by purchasing a $35 (per ad) "Classified Membership". 
You can purchase an ad or a membership through the Shop link above. 
Please note... there is no charge to list a canoe for free!

**Sold your item or need to make changes to your ad?  Send the information to and include the ad title.

Once your ad is posted you will receive an email from the webmaster asking you to review it for any changes or corrections. If you do not receive this email within 72 hours, please reach out. Occasionally ads go to our spam folder and are missed.

SELLERS BEWARE: see the Federal Trade Commission’s page on fake cheque scams, their more general page on avoiding fraud, and this WCHA Forum post for more information:


Send an email to with the following information...

1.  Title of Ad

2. Price

3. Your Name (please indicate if you want this published on the website)

4. Your Email (please indicate if you want this published on the website)

5. Your Phone Number (please indicate if you want this published on the website)

6. Location

7. Description

8. Condition - Please choose one of the following... Needs Restoration, Good Usable,                  Excellent Restored, Excellent Original, New, or Not Applicable. If none apply,

              please leave blank or use no more than 2 words to describe.

9. Let us know if you are a WCHA member or if you have purchased a Classified Membership

10. You can include up to 6 images with your ad. (Please do not send through cloud services such as Google Drive. We will not be able to access them.)

Please submit the above information and up to 6 images of your item to  Be sure to include the words "Ad Submission" and the title of your ad in the subject line. 

For changes or to remove your ad, send an email to and include your ad title.

Ads will remain in place for no longer than 1 year.

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