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WCHA Grants

Grants are available from the WCHA to assist with the funding of activities by individuals or institutions whose efforts are consistent with the mission of WCHA – preserving, studying, building, restoring wooden canoes, and disseminating information about canoeing heritage in North America.

Grant awards typically go to: individual or group efforts for the restoration or building of canoes in an educational or youth support program; researching wooden canoe history or documenting historic and current practices; museum or historical society exhibits or collections management projects where canoes or canoeing history is a central theme; other research projects related to canoe history (such as supporting the Old Town Build Records scanning project), or supporting a local organizations or foundations devoted to preserving wood canoe traditions. Most successful grant applications have a strong educational or teaching aspect, or public relations outreach which also enhances the visibility of WCHA.

Past grant awards include special education projects to schools for wood canoe building courses, support for the publication of a book on Willits Brothers canoes, contributions to the Nora and Joe Seliga Wooden Canoe Endowment Fund, and support for the Canadian Canoe Museum and the Antique Boat Museum for exhibits and collections care.

Grants awarded are typically for $500, although larger grants are considered and may be awarded for significant projects.

Interested parties should contact the WCHA at 603-323-8992, or Application forms can be downloaded below. The WCHA Education and Grant committee reviews all grant applications for benefits to wood canoe heritage and relevance to the WCHA mission. A final report for the project is required, and may be published in the WCHA’s journal Wooden Canoe.

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