PRELIMINARY OVERVIEW of Topics and Presenters for 2021 Virtual Assembly

Paul Klonowski
An Introduction to the WCHA

Nick Dennis (UK Chapter Head)
My River; The Little Ouse
A personal tour of the history, geography and ecology of the Little Ouse river, including
a visit to a historic pub.

Pete Shea
Cooking demonstration
1. Use of a BakePacker to cook your food
2. Simple Dehydration Food Process
3. Beef Jerky Preparation.

Geoffrey Burke
How to keep your all wood canoe from leaking

Michael Grace
“The Bucktail in Florida”. Famous authors including George Washington Sears in the
late 1800s made J Henry Rushton famous. One celebrated excursion involving a
delicate Rushton lapstrake canoe was read widely as a series called “The Bucktail in
Florida”. After finding an extraordinarily well preserved Bucktail (possibly that very
Bucktail) near the sight of this 19th-century excursion, I restored it and took it back to
the places celebrated in that famous journey. This will be a photographic tale of then
and now in a delicate wooden canoe that survived more than 130 years of change.

Douglas Ingram (Red River Canoe and Paddle) &
John Hupfield (Lost in the Woods Boatworks)

Restoring Freighter Canoes at Fort Severn

Laird Smith
Paddling the Erie Canal

Murat Vardar
History of Urban Canoeing in Toronto

Tour of Professional Builders with Deborah Gardner,
Island Falls Canoe Company Jerry Stelmok, and
Northwoods Canoe Rollin Thurlow

Panel Discussion with Women Canoe Builders
Moderator: Pam Wedd (Bearwood Canoe Company)

Jim & Betsy Wilson
Photographing Canoe Experiences
Wonderful canoe experiences can be preserved and shared when captured with a
camera. Jim and Betsy will present tips and some basic techniques to help you take
memorable photographs with whatever kind of camera you have - even your cell
phone. They will share images of canoes, friends, nature, and small details that all
come together to relive those special paddling experiences.

Jim Clearwater
Tour of Canoe Collection

Rob Stevens
Introduction to Pictographs & Petroglyphs in Canoe Country

Mike Ormsby / W’ dae b’wae
The Birch Bark Canoe (Wiigwaasi Jiimaan): Its Importance In Anishinaabe
Culture and Traditions
An illustrated video describing the significance of the birch bark canoe (wiigwaas
jiimaan) to the Anishinaabe people of the Great Lakes....its place in Anishinaabe
culture and art....including the building of birch bark canoes as well as
materials and tools used....various styles of Anishinaabe canoes....providing an
overview of this important vessel to Anishinaabe people, complete with a list of
Anishinaabemowin terms.