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Super Lightweight
Strip Plank Adirondack
Guide Boat



Excellent Original

I made my first boat with my dad when I was 16. A strip planked mahogany on white oak daysailer – Sam Rabel’s Meadow Bird 16. It was a great lake boat, sailing true! I next built a 7 ft marine plywood pram for tender. We enjoyed these boats for some years but eventually parted company. For the next 40 years I was busy with family and work and had little time for boats aside from the occasional day sail or canoe trip. In the summer of 2022, I decided that the time had come to refocus on boats!

I wanted to learn a new lightweight building technique – strip planking. So I attended the Wooden Boat School and under the instruction of a well-known Designer and Builder the boat you see below was constructed over molds with strip planks of Western cedar. Fiberglass and epoxy reinforcement make for an incredibly light but tough boat.

I offer the results of that learning for the cost of materials $2200.00. I can “help” with delivery if you are in the US and within 100 miles of Boston MA.

Why am I selling? I want to learn / build a stitch and glue Lapstrake Canoe and I do not have room for both boats.

Canoe Length


Boston, MA

Submitted By

George Jarvis


(781) 697-6527

Submitted Date

April 20, 2024 at 3:42:00 PM

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