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Rare 17'
Red Kennebec

$3000 CDN


This elegant, unique watercraft is reflective of a by-gone era of craftsmanship and technology, of life at a slower pace and an age of deep appreciation of form and function. It was manufactured in Maine, in or around 1920 at a time when cedar strip canoes were not just sturdy vessels of transport or recreation, but works of art with fine, swooping lines and graceful curves. It is not only the age that confers its rarity, but its sponsons, or lateral flotation chambers. Very few such canoes were manufactured. This cedar strip canoe has been meticulously restored professionally with new decks, stems and, where needed, ribs and planking. It is a stable, forgiving craft due to the sponsons, which have also been lovingly constructed with narrow cedar strips. This gives the canoe a timeless elegance and at the same time confers upon it remarkable strength and seaworthiness; it is quite at home in waters rough or smooth. It is remarkably stable and a wonderful canoe for children as it is virtually impossible to capsize. It has a shallow draft and rises gracefully to bow and stern, evoking the timeless charm of the golden age of cedar strip canoes. Asking $3000 CDN.

Canoe Length

17 feet


Delta, ON - North of Brockville

Submitted By

Leslie Climie


Submitted Date

April 3, 2024 at 1:48:00 PM

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