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Old Town
Sailing Rig



Excellent Original

Selling sail rig only from an 18-foot Old Town OCTA #174117 built in June 1965. The sail rig includes all the original components with one exception. The two wing nuts securing the leeboard thwart are not the original.

Included original Old Town mahogany lea boards, rudder with brass pintails, and gudgeons. The bottoms of the leeboards show some minor water damage. The rig has the original lea board thwart, with the angle supports. The locking wing nuts on the leeboard thwart are not original. The mast, boom and yard are all original with a brass Wilcox Crittenden block. The spars show little wear.

Not included is the sail, mast step and front thwart with brass ring. These components were sold with the canoe.

This sale does not include the canoe.

Will deliver to the 2024 Assembly with deposit.

Canoe Length


Saint Michaels, MD

Submitted By

Don Boehl


Submitted Date

March 12, 2024 at 1:16:00 PM

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