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Old Town
1974 OTCA 17'

$500 USD (OBO)


Needs Some Restoration

I'm listing this for a friend; this is not my canoe. Email me and I'll put you in touch with the seller. She's selling this for her husband who is in memory care, so please be super kind to her. The details are as follows:
The seller is the second owner. I've included the build sheet from Old Town. As you can see, this 17' OTCA was ordered with a floor rack, full length stem band, and painter rings, bow and stern. In addition, there is an original Old Town, detachable padded yoke included. All are present and in good order. That's kind of rare. The owner paddled this canoe up until 3 years ago. Now, for what needs attention...
There are ~8 cracked ribs. They appear to be older cracks and they are stable. The owner paddled the canoe as-is without any issues. Wood patches can be bent and screwed in over the cracks, providing added structural stability. However, the owner added blue painter's tape along the edges of the canvas, underneath the gunwales and down the stems because the canvas was pulling away from the wood planking. This is the original, 50-year old canvas and it needs to be replaced. So, to properly fix the ribs, the canvas should be removed, ribs replaced, and new canvas installed. There's one more potential fix to consider...
The top of the bow stem, where gunwales attach, seems soft. I imagine there is some minimal rot that needs to be cut out, and new wood scarfed in, before new canvas is installed.
Once that work is done, one cane seat needs a new cane insert. That's an easy fix. Kits can be purchased off AMZ or from other retailers for little money. I'd replace both seat inserts, as the stern seat is also 50-years old. That's an easy DIY job.
The interior of the boat has a beautiful honey patina! I would leave it as is. No need to restore the wood there. The original factory hull color was Yale Blue, which is a lighter blue than the current color. But, there are Old Town color charts online that would give you an idea if you wanted to take it back to original specs.

The seller is asking $1,000 (OBO). She's delightful and has mixed emotions about selling her husband's prized canoe, but knows it needs to go to someone who will love and use it as her husband had for years. Email me and I will provide you with her contact #.

Canoe Length

17 feet


Richmond, Virginia

Submitted By

Bruce Lindeman


Submitted Date

April 22, 2024 at 4:28:00 PM

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