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24' Canots
Freighter Canoe

$28,000 USD


Excellent Original

Nor-West freighter canoes are Quebec-built expedition craft widely used by native hunters in the Canadian Arctic and Hudson Bay. This sturdy 24' wood and canvas canoe has a capacity of 5000lbs, literally 2.5 tons. They are seaworthy enough for 100 mile open water crossings, shallow draft enough to pole in 10 inches of water, and rugged enough to tow across ice. They are used to hunt walrus and to tow whales, or travel up fast rivers to hunt moose.

The hull is heavy duty and protected with an oak keelson and four bilge keels, each sheathed with UHMW.

This one was built in 2021. It is in new condition with less than 50 hours and is fully set up. It carries a 50hp Evinrude and 9.9hp Yamaha tiller auxiliary motor. Top speed is 24mph. It is remote steer, has 12gal and 6.5 gal tanks plus a 5gal spare. Trailer is included, with special guide bunks and extended hull support. Total tow weight with fuel etc is about 1900lbs. Bare hull weight is 600lbs.

This canoe is a unique opportunity. Traditional 24' freighter canoes are quite rare outside the Canadian North. It gets a lot of attention at boat ramps and is a delight on the water. It would make a great support vessel for extended paddling expeditions, or use it to explore the coast.

Seller can import this canoe to the US. Transport negotiable from Washington State.

Canoe Length

24 feet


Rossland, BC

Submitted By



250 505-8110

Submitted Date

July 13, 2023 at 2:18:00 PM

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