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1946/7 Old Town
16 foot CS Otca
model no. 147314



Excellent Original

Old Town no. 147314 is a 16 foot CS (common sense or middle grade) Otca model canoe that was built in Maine by the Old Town Canoe Company from Dec 1946 to Feb 1947. It has spruce planking (this differs from most Old Town canoes, which were generally cedar), open spruce gunwales, ash decks, ash thwarts, ash seat frames and a keel. The use of spruce in place of cedar was the result of shortages that continued into years immediately after World War II. Unlike some post-war canoes, 147314 has the usual wicker seats. Originally finished in dark green, it was shipped to a dealer in Pittsburgh, PA, on March 18, 1947. I believe my parents were the second owners, purchasing the canoe in the mid-60s.

The canoe has been stored, covered, in a heated garage since the mid-1970s. It is as sound now as when my father and I suspended it on the hoists. The original 6-digit Hull Identification Number was replaced in 2023 with the current Ohio 12 digit HIN and the plate affixed. It is currently registered and ready for sale (and ready for sail). Have a great summer in a bit of American history!

Canoe Length

16 feet


Zanesville, Ohio

Submitted By

Dirk Baltzly


740 408 1549

Submitted Date

April 22, 2024 at 3:56:00 PM

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