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Rushton Indian Girl



Remarkable Excellent

Please read the attachment "Martha Martha", and the attached Appraisal. They explain most of her information. The pic of her on the water was taken in July 2011 at the WCHA Assembly, stored and not on the water since. Like most of you, I have paddled many canoes, she is as sweet as it gets. She still adorns her original canvas for the last 118+ years. All original wood, not a bit of plan was to show her at the major boat shows but my circumstances have prevented it. She deserves to be enjoyed by many, and realizing I will never be able to do that, I am offering her for sale. She comes with her stand, Bag Lady Cover, period rowing seat, oar locks, oars, and period paddles. Email your questions, please. Thank you for checking her out!

Canoe Length

15 feet


Gillsville, GA

Submitted By

Dave Davidson


Submitted Date

November 27, 2023 at 3:38:00 AM

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