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The WCHA is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to preserving, studying, building, restoring, and using wooden and bark canoes, and to sharing information about canoeing heritage throughout the world.

Wooden Canoe Heritage Association at a Glance

A Bit of Background

The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association began 40 years ago as a way to unite the wooden canoe community as well as to educate the general public about the beauty and history of these wonderful watercraft.

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Just Released!

2021 WCHA Calendar

Enjoy the beauty of wooden canoes all year long with this beautiful 2021 wall calendar.  Each month features a stunning image of a unique wooden canoe in a natural setting. Every month you will be inspired to build, restore, or paddle a special canoe! Images are 12” x 9”, and calendar is 12” x 18”, open.


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Wooden Canoe Journal

Wooden Canoe, the journal of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association, is one of the primary benefits of membership in the WCHA.

Builders and Suppliers

Whether you're restoring an old canoe or wanting to purchase a new one you will find the resources you need here.


Buying or selling.  Canoes, old and new, needing restoration or ready to float.  Parts of all descriptions.

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WCHA Store

Looking for that special decal to finish off your restoration?  How about a shirt or hat with the WCHA logo?  Maybe you've been looking for a particular instructional or informational book.  You'll find it all in our store.

Discussion Forum

This is an excellent public space to ask questions, share stories, and do historical research on all different types of wood canoes.

Local Chapters

This is a golden opportunity to get together with members in your own area.  Socialize, share ideas, work together on a build, or just go paddling and enjoy the scenery and each other.  Local chapters are the backbone of the WCHA.  Get involved in one today!

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Paddling, seminars, assemblies, building projects and more.  There are many events each year to take part in either on the Chapter, Regional or International level.  Keep up to date on them here.


Become a member of the WCHA and help to preserve the history and future of these beautiful craft.


Would you like to help the WCHA continue the work of preserving the art and history of wooden canoes?  Click the Donate button today.

The WCHA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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"Everyone must believe in something. I believe I'll go canoeing."

Henry David Thoreau

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