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Deadline date changed to May 31, 2021

The Assembly Paddle-By & Salute, and the Tour of Notable Canoes on the Green are highlight activities for many Assembly attendees. For our virtual Assembly this year, we’re putting together an activity called a Parade of Canoes.

You can participate in the Parade by sending in a video and written story, or photo(s) and a written story of your canoe.

To help with your story include information such as,

  • Your Name, Location, and Chapter if applicable

  • A description of your canoe

  • What are it’s unique features i.e. age, manufacturer, build records, history

  • Interesting facts about the canoe

  • Maybe why it is an important canoe to you

We have 55 minutes allotted for the Parade so we are asking you to please adhere to the following criteria.

  • The video and the story must not exceed 45 seconds. It can be shorter, but

  • 45 seconds is the maximum time to show your canoe and tell your story

  • Videos must be in MP4 format (I can likely help with this)

  • Photographs must be in JPG format (I can likely help with this)

  • Written stories can be part of your submission email, a text document , word document, or open-office format

  • REVISED DEADLINE for submission is May 31, 2021 (this gives my Daughter and I some time to put the stories and photos/video’s into a recorded presentation for review by the Assembly planning committee).

Please email your photos, video’s and stories to

If you have any questions please reach out to me at or call me at 289-244-4455. I’ll do my best to answer any logistical and technical questions.

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