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Restored 1924
17ft Old Town



Excellent Restored

Completely and originally restored, !924 Old Town Canoe, H. W. AA Grade with two sets of restored paddles, mahoghany gunwales.

This canvas covered, AA Grade,Model H.W. 17 foot red canoe with mahogany gunwales made by the Old Town Canoe Co. of Old Town, Maine USA is a treasured family heirloom. It was lovingly and authentically restored by its original owner alongside a Master Craftsman in 2005, this beautiful canoe has been safely stored in its pristine condition and is found in the estate of our 96 year old father. This collectable, antique, wooden boat in rare excellent condition is now available for sale.

Purchased new from Abraham & Straus of Brooklyn, NY in 1924, the original purchase paperwork is included. The canoe was only used in the fresh waters of the Finger Lakes and the Erie Barge Canal. Since it’s complete restoration with authentic Old Town canvas and compliments, it is accompanied by two sets of original, refinished oars. Inscribed on either side of the boat are the letters FI, the boat’s name being our father’s nickname for our mother, ‘Fifi’. This canoe was only used briefly since its completed restoration, 2-3 times in the Erie Canal, alongside our family home. It has since been protectively stored here in Rochester, NY.

This unique, antique wooden canoe is completely ‘seaworthy’ and ready to launch! It is, for the first time since it s original purchase, available for sale.

Canoe Length

17 feet


Rochester, NY

Submitted By


Submitted Date

April 6, 2024 at 8:46:00 PM

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