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Excellent Original

Tom MacKenzie built this gorgeous 15’ Mistral for me about 1999. To this day, I am in awe as to what that man could craft with cedar, spruce, cherry, walnut, and canvas.

“Bruni” is a rich burgundy with 2” higher than normal stems to add to her elegant profile. She has half ribs, and Tom sculpted a gorgeous cherry carrying yoke should you want to carry her around town to show her off.

She is way under used, maybe 10-15 hours in a neighborhood lake in CA where I would walk her down the ramp so as to not make ground contact.

We moved to NW AR about 10 years ago where sadly she hangs in the garage. We are downsizing and this lovely piece of art needs to be stroked, caressed and enjoyed in her natural element once again. I paid over $4000 for her, but will work with you if you convince me you will love her and enjoy her.

Canoe Length

15 feet


Northwest Arkansas

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