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'Ole Yeller'
17' Old Town
circa 1904


Needs Restoration

17’ wood/canvas, Old Town 17 2417. Brown paint covers much of the interior so it was difficult to find a serial number, but it has been uncovered and knowledgeable individuals have confirmed it is an Old Town circa 1904. Bought in the condition seen in the current photos as a restoration project around 1973, but … you’ve heard it before, no time. Kept in a building since it was purchased until a month ago when it’s owner moved to a retirement home. Need to find this diamond in the rough a home before winter weather sets in. Would make a good winter project for someone capable. I believe it is structurally sound. In need of stripping, re-canvassing and so on. Could be great fun next Spring. Any interest, please contact me soon. Would love to tell Dad it is finally going to be restored.

Canoe Length

17 feet


Winchester, VA

Submitted By

Lynn Alwine


Submitted Date

October 12, 2021, 6:00:00 PM

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