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McFarland Lake
Canoe Company

Restore/Repair, Buy/Sell, All Wood

Patrick F. Chapman

1714 Dickinson Avenue NW Olympia, WA 98502


Since 1992, I’ve built and restored scores of wood/canvas and all-wood canoes. Canoes made by such builders as Old Town, Chestnut, B.N. Morris, Huron, E.M. White, Shell Lake, and the renowned Willits Brothers have passed through my shop. Being fortunate to live so close to the site of their manufacture in Tacoma, Washington, I likely have more experience than anyone in restoring Willits Brothers canoes. I am now concentrating my business on the restoration of Willits Brothers canoes and all brands of wood/canvas canoes. I’d be happy to resurrect yours into the floating masterpiece that it once was, or find one for you to purchase. Because original Willits Brothers paddles are nearly impossible to locate for purchase, I make reproduction Willits Brothers paddles. Additionally I broker the sale of used wooden canoes of all kinds.

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