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Maine Caning and
Seat Weaving Services

Seat Caning

Dennis R. King

PO Box 444 Orono, ME 04473

207-866-3442 (H); 207-991-3865 (C)

Custom hand caning and weaving of canoe seats in the pattern and size of the natural strand cane of your choice, including the seven-step traditional octagonal; five-step diamond, six-step diamond; various types of pressed cane; or your own unique pattern. If you have an old favorite canoe with seats you want to have replicated and replaced with the appropriate materials, just remove the seats from your canoe and send them to me for a quality restoration. I welcome all restoration challenges and take pride in producing a high-quality finished job. All canoe enthusiasts and builders who are tired of caning their own seats should consider contacting me to “raise cane for you!”

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