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Stewart River
wood/canvas canoe

$2000 OBO



Stewart River Boatworks handmade wood/canvas bought new in 1987. Sells new today for $5300. The Saganaga was inspired by the Chestnut Cruiser. Builder Alex Comb lessened the rocker to make it track better when not loaded and increased the initial stability while keeping the sublime gentle sweep of the sheer line. This canoe is a very nice wilderness tripping canoe. It is efficient under paddle and extremely seaworthy. We have done many BWCAW canoe trips with friends, dogs, kids and gear.

It is in excellent shape. It might need some paint touch up and a new stern cane seat.

Canoe Length


Jackson, WY

Submitted By

Paul Hansen



Submitted Date

May 23, 2024 at 1:34:00 PM

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