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Old Town Canoe
display model
in rough condition


Good Usable

This Old Town display model has seen some very hard use as a children's toy at one point. However, the lettering is still clearly visable on both sides although much of the original paint is missing. It had no seats or thwarts when I found it so those have been replaced to keep the hull from spreading out. It appears to have serial number 70192 written in pencil on the inside stem. This would date it as circa 1922. It is believed to be the earliest numbered display model to survive. Some additional pictures are available at from when I first purchased this. It came from a sporting camp in Wisconsin on Lake Superior. My guess is that it originally shipped to Kennedy Arms in Minnesota since they were the closest Old Town dealer who was buying railroad cars full of canoes at that time. Let me know if you want any additional information or pictures.

Canoe Length

4 feet


Falmouth, Maine

Submitted By

Benson Gray



Submitted Date

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