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Bill Mason Sculpture
"Still Waters"


Excellent Original

“Bill Mason Wilderness Canoeing Sculptures” series,

has a new release called “Still Waters”. It is the companion piece to “Bill Running Little Thompson Rapids, Petawawa River. Both sculptures show in his Chestnut 16' Prospector canoe.

“Still Waters” is Bill soloing early in the morning. With he pack and extra paddle you can almost hear him narrating his thoughts about canoeing, the enviroment and the universe as the canoe silently glides along.

The sculpture is 10” L x 4” W x 3” H. The perfect size for desk top display. Bill and his canoe are in thhe same proportions as the first sculpture.

The editions as extremely limited and all hand made.

The limited edition of 10 cold caste bronze is $250 U.S. There is ONLY ONE LEFT. * if you want the first bronze to make a set there are a few left and will be offered at a special price if bought as a set with “Still Waters”.

The limited edition of 10 copper patina resin casts is $175 U.S .

The limited edition of rust patina resin casts is $75 U.S.

All orders made before October 31st will be shipped before Christmas.

Please contact Ronald Bayens at or call or text 334-740-1750

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Submitted Date

October 16, 2020, 9:24:00 PM

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Bristol , Tenessee

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