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Canoe Books



The American Canoeist, Vol.11, No.7, 1883. 10 pages. Good condition for its age.
$10.00 P.P.

1930 Old Town Canoe and Boats catalog. Excellent condition. $30.00 P.P.

Howe Fur Company catalog, Coopers Mills Maine 1937-1938.
Ed Howes canoes, canoeing, camping, hunting, trapping catalog. 139 pages.
Front cover is not attached to catalog. $25.00 P.P.

Birchbark canoes of the Fur Trade Vol. 1
Timothy J. Kent 1997 Excellent condition $50.00 P.P.

Birchbark Canoes of the Fur Trade Vol. 2 Excellent condition, $50.00
Both for $75.00

Beyond the Paddle, Garret Conover, 1991, Excellent condition. $25.00 P.P.

The Romance of the Canadian Canoe, John Muray Gibbon, 1951, Hard cover 145 page.
Stories and History of the Canadian canoe. Photos and Illustrations $25.00 P.P.

Quick-Water and Smooth. A canoeists guide to New England rivers. Map, 1935
John C. Phillips, Clear tape reinforcing spline, !/2 of back cover missing. Owners name on inside cover.239 pages. $20.00 P.P.

The Canoe, It's selection, care and use. 1941, 162 pages, Robert E. Pinkerton.
Owners signature on inside cover. $10.00 P.P.

A.M.C. New England Canoeing Guide 1971, 2 of 3 maps, map#2 missing. 600 pages.
$10.00 P.P.

Quiet Water Canoe Guide, New York. A.M.C. 1996, 394 pages, $15.00 P.P.

Aboriginal Bark Canoes of the Murray Valley. 1972, Robert Edwards, 80 pages,
Dust jacket, excellent condition. $15.00 P.P.

The Hawaiian Canoe, 1981, Tommy Holmes, Dust jacket, excellent condition.
$50.00 P.P.

Canoeing the Jersey Pine Barrens, Robert Parnes, 243 pages, $10.00 P.P.

I also have a collection of kayak books, design, build and history if anyone is interested, I can send them a list.

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Downers Grove, Il.

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Tom Banaszak



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June 16, 2023 at 3:39:00 AM

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