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1952 16'
Old Town
Wood Canvas Canoe



My parents were the original owners of this canoe. My mom was still paddling this boat when she was 97. She was in the stern, my wife at the bow, and I in the middle fishing.

It needs to be re-canvased as it has a couple patches and is leaking. The stern seat needs to be re-caned. 60 years ago my dad drove into the garage with the canoe on top of the car cracking two ribs. That event has caused no leaking nor structural damage to the keel, ribs, or the planking. The canoe has seen a lot of use during the following 60-years and there have been no issues. While taking pictures for this ad, I could not find the two broken ribs. There is no dry-rot, and the planks, ribs, keel, and gunwales are all in good condition. The interior has been painted relatively recently with spar varnish.

There is a plaque next to the serial number stating the canoe was restored in 1988. I do not recall the extent of this restoration.

Prefer local pickup.

Canoe Length

16 feet


Downingtown, PA

Submitted By

Robert Darling




Submitted Date

August 9, 2022 at 8:33:00 PM

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