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1948 Old Town
“OTCA” Sailing Canoe


Very Good

1) 1948 Old Town “OTCA” Sailing Canoe. 16’3”L X 34”W X 14”D.
2) Seats fully restored, refinished and re-caned
3) Bow completely redone and canvas reinforced
4) Keel lifted and re-bedded with modern adhesives that are removable if desired.
5) Canvas all re-faired, primed and repainted with Interlux products. Pre-Kote (Gray) and Brightside Polyurethane (Sea Green). Varnishes are all helmsman. I created stains to match the old woods colours to retain the antique patinas.
6) Old Town paddles repaired and refinished retaining original decals
7) Rudder and Yoke and gudgeon and pintles are Old Town and all original decals retained.
8) Made a tiller stick. Retained the ability to still use the rope and pulley system. Personal choice
9) The sail at one time was replaced with a sail. Not the right size or shape. I recut the sail and added reef points for safety when the winds come up. With that modification I reshaped and shortened the boom. I also made a proper yoke wher the boom pivots on the mast. Instead of tying the main sheet to an eye at the extreme stern of the canoe I made a rope traveler that can unclip when just paddling. Also gives the sail a better shape.
10) Mast is 13’4”
11) Replaced all the old standing wire rigging. I was old and brittle.
12) Replaced all the running rigging with Vintage Classic Tan ¼” line
13) Replaced all the old pot metal turnbuckles with new bronze ones. Extras provided
14) All blocks and pulleys are bronze. Antique salvage from old wooden Moth’s All other bronze or brass hardware is salvage or made new.
15) I found that trying to hook your toes under a 1” inwale if sitting on the gunwale was not safe or practical. I made 6” wide seats that clamp to the gunwales in the middle section of the canoe. Plus a cross piece on the last thwart. All are removable. Not only is it safer, but very comfortable on your backside even when solo paddling. In light air, you just sit on the folding cane seat in the bottom of the canoe. If paddling with two people I just remove the mast step and then everyone sits in the normal seating arrangement. A third party along for the ride just sits amidships on the folding seat and catches the sun.

Additional Equipment: ATC folding cart, Second set of leeboards, Three Throw Cushions, Anchor, Kayak Fishing Anchor Kit, New Folding Ash and Cane seat, All old removed H/W plus extra new bronze turnbuckles, “Granite” gear bag, Copy of build order, All straps and pads

Includes the following books: “The Wood and Canvas Canoe” Jerry Stelmok and Rollin Thurlow, “Canoe Rig” The essence of the Art Sailpower for the Antique and Traditional Canoe. Todd E. Bradshaw, “Paddling Coastal North Carolina” Paul Ferguson 2nd Edition, “Sea Kayaking the Carolinas” 2nd Edition Jim Bannon, “North Carolina Rivers and Creeks” Leland Davis



Submitted Date

May 7, 2022, 1:32:00 PM

Canoe Length

16 feet 3 inches


New Bern, N.C.

Submitted By

Dale A. Albrecht

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