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1942 Old Town
Sponson Canoe



Excellent Restored

Serial Number: 133953 16

Restoration Completed – 4/8/2022

Very solid and beautiful canoe. Identified by many as “unsinkable” as the 2 sponsons keep the canoe floating even if completely filled with water. There are air chambers built out on each side and extending from stem to stem. At the middle, the sponsons are 4” wide and 5” deep.

No cracked or broken ribs or planking.

See pictures for build sheet and for spec sheet.

At 16 ft in length, very desirable. Also, a great base canoe for modification to a sail canoe. If a sail canoe desired, I have a set of very nice and solid sail equipment – lee boards, lee board bracket, rudder, mast seat, mast plate and 55 sq ft sail that can be purchased separately for $1200. I will install (build canoe as a sail canoe) at no additional cost beyond the stated parts cost of $1200.

Free delivery up to 100 miles. After that, if desired, $1 per mile.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Canoe Length

16 feet


Pottstown PA

Submitted By

Joe McGinley



Submitted Date

April 9, 2022 at 7:03:00 PM

Click on image to see in full.

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