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Old Town
War Canoe



Needs Restoration

1930 Old Town War Canoe, 25'

Restoration project!
These wood canvas canoes were built for summer camps, and can seat up to 11 small humans (less if you're an average or larger human). It was sold to a sporting goods store in Torrington, CT in 1930.

I did the dirty work of this project back in 2019. I have since gone in a different direction and am interested in finding someone who wants to take the project on.

What's happened so far:
+ stripped varnish
+ removed old rusty hardware
+ de-fiberglassed and sanded trouble spots
+ removed in and outwales, stem, seatposts
+ milled new 5/32" western red cedar planking
+ milled new center piece
+ milled gunnels
+ rough ribstock
+ roughed-out white oak stems
+ purchased canvas, paint, filler, various hardware (tacks, ringnails, brass screws, stem bands).
^All conveys with sale

The boat's in a fragile state and would need a trailer to transport, and/or be temporarily supported for transport.

All purchased/milled material (listed above, invoice of some of the materials in photos) will convey with the sale. I am pricing the canoe only to be compensated for all of my purchased materials.

Canoe Length

25 feet


Montville, ME

Submitted By




Submitted Date

July 14, 2022 at 4:38:00 PM

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