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B. N. Morris 17ft
Model D type 1

$5000 OBO

See description.

This canoe was a special order with double ribs and is described in the 1919 Morris catalog as:
"Model D is a design with more freeboard and less tumble-home. Has quite a flat bottom, and is quite seaworthy. its paddling qualities in quick water are excellent, and it is unequalled as an open sailing canoe. Its principal uses are hunting and cruising”
It has been in the family since 1928 and was originally rigged as a open sailer.
Completely restored in 2005 and now needs some repairs.

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Submitted Date

May 13, 2021, 2:09:00 PM

Canoe Length

17 feet


Bordentown, NJ

Submitted By

Scott Nielsen

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