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Bear Mountain Sunnyside Cruiser Cedar Canoe

Excellent Restored

Bear Mountain Sunnyside Cruiser Cedar Canoe” for sale This is known as a Sunnyside Cruiser …A rare and classic design with extended foredeck and stern deck canoe , full length cherry gunwales ,cherry thwart ,cherry coaming on the front deck , cherry coaming on the stern, birdseye maple decks and is a cedarglas construction to a professional standard .It also has full stems and full length brass stem and keel strips ..This canoe was produced by Bear Mountain Boat Shop in their original Bancroft shop( a plaque on the stern deck indicates it was produced in 1986 and a plaque of the original owner who indicated that it was in the water only a handful of times )…it has not been in the water since .The canoe has been thoroughly cleaned and the brightwork sanded and recoated with Spar varathane It is in “as new” condition .

After this ad was placed with some Canadian sites as well we received a comment from a chap in St Thomas Ontario who revealed the following :

“..Nice ad. You may want to promote that this canoe was built by the Master Ted Moores of Bear mountain Canoes who built a canoe for Prince Charles and Diane for their Wedding gift as a gift from the Canadian government (Pierre Elliot Trudeau picked it) Trudeau's family has one as well. The builder Ted is the Godfather of the cedar strip canoe.”

Canoe Length

16 feet


Bowmanville, ON, Canada

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