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New Canoes, Restore/Repair, Builders Plans, Supplies and Materials, Hardware, Model Canoes, Workshops/Classes, Wood/Canvas

Rollin Thurlow

336 Range Road Atkinson, ME 04426


Designer and builder of the original 17’ Atkinson Traveler.

Building twelve other models including historic B.N. Morris and
J.H. Ruston reproductions and two style of square stern boats.

Custom building, design and restoration of all types of wooden

Selling and mail order of hard to find hardware, wood, canvas
and plans for those working on their own boats.

Private wooden canoe building and restoration classes at my shop and
group classes the Wooden Boat School, Brooklin Me.

Co-author of The Wood & Canvas Canoe book plus producer of
Steam Bending and W/C Canoe Construction videos.

Builder since 1976. Catalog available.

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