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Builder's Plans, Restore/Repair, Supplies and Materials

Dan Meer

100 Pine St. Suite B, Clearwater MN 55320


Looking to make that canoe building dream a reality? We have you covered with plans, materials, videos, information and the expertise to assist where needed. We offer inexpensive plan downloads of various tried and true NorthWest Canoe original designs, both solo and tandem, to get you started. By offering inexpensive plans, we hope that you look to us for all your building needs. Check out our web store to see what we have for materials, components and paddle sport accessories.

We also offer repairs and refurbishing of various types of canoes, kayaks and stand up paddle boards. So if you live within driving distance and looking to get repairs done, send us an email with details (and pictures if possible) to see what prices and timing look like.

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