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Kevin Martin

New Canoes, Restore/Repair, Wood/Canvas, All Wood

Kevin Martin

16 Windsor Lane Epping, NH 03042


Builder of traditional lapstrake canoes and small boats since 1980. Many models from the 10’6” Bucktail, decked sailing canoes and 15-18’ open canoes to Adirondack Guideboats and canoe yawls.

We also offer wood & canvas canoes built on original Kingsbury molds. These originated from Boston’s Charles River area and true to their type have a lot of tumblehome and recurved stems. They are in 16’ and 17’ lengths with 2’ to 4’ decks, 2 tone paint with gold striping, special designs, lettering & logos to suit.

Restoring all types of wooden craft.

Author of Big Trees hiking book.

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