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Rob Roy Canoes

All Wood, Paddles, New Canoes, Sails/Rigs, Dry Goods

Rob Wolfertz

P.O. Box 136, Rosemont, New Jersey 08556

(908) 229-6928


Rob Roy Canoes and Related Accessories

We are pleased to offer some of our late friend and mentor, Bart Hauthaway’s, Rob Roy canoe designs that he kindly passed along to us. Having carefully measured and recorded the lines we are now building these canoes in lightweight glued-lapstrake construction. Others have told us that we have retained the graceful sheerline, the fine stem profiles, deck features, and the overall proportions of Bart’s designs. So, please judge for yourself.

Double blade paddles, small sprit sail rigs, spray covers, backrests, tackle bags, and other custom made accessories are also available. And like Bart, paddling and canoe handling sessions are always free.

Canoes are built to order as are most of our accessories.

Inquires are always welcomed and brochures available upon request.

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