Adirondack Wood Boats

Wood/Canvas - All Wood

New Canoes - Restore/Repair

Allison Warner and Rob Davidson

P.O. Box 281, Lake Clear, NY 12945, United States

Telephone: 518-891-1767

Email Address:

Website: Adirondack Wooden Boats

Construction and restoration of traditional Adirondack Guideboats, Wood Canvas and Lapstrake Canoes, Dories, Skiffs, and other small craft. Build replicas of historic craft as well as our own designs.  Allison has been boat builder in residence at the Adirondack Museum since 2003 and restoring guideboats and canoes since 1999.  Rob has been producing and restoring fine furniture and traditional wooden boats since 2001.

Services also include woodwork, canvas, paint/varnish, caning, and production of custom paddles and oars made to fit.

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